Sky Walk Between
Sector 51 and 52
Metro Station Noida

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Project: Sky walk connecting Noida sector 51 metro station to sector 52 metro station
Length: 420 meters
Project Cost: 26 crores
Location: Noida sector 51
Client: Noida authority

The sky walk project in Noida is an architectural marvel, connecting two metro stations over a distance of 420 meters. It is a convenient and safe mode of transportation for commuters, featuring travellators and air conditioning.

The structure is designed with a focus on safety, durability, and aesthetics. The steel frame ensures the structure's stability and reliability. The sky walk's design is both modern and functional, offering commuters a unique experience. With travellators and air conditioning, the sky walk will provide a comfortable and efficient mode of transport for commuters.

The sky walk project also aims to promote sustainability by reducing the time and effort required for commuters to travel between the two stations. The project showcases how urban design can solve transportation challenges while enhancing the city's aesthetic appeal.

Overall, the sky walk project is an example of how architecture can improve the quality of life for city residents. It demonstrates Noida's commitment to innovation and modernization and will undoubtedly become an iconic structure in the city's landscape.