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Orionn Architects owes much of its success to the expertise and leadership of Architect Sanjeev Sharma and Architect Neelima Rana Sharma, who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to their roles as team leaders.

Architect Sanjeev Sharma has over 17 years of experience in the field of architecture and has played an instrumental role in the firm's success. With a strong focus on design excellence and technical expertise, Sanjeev has overseen the creation of many iconic buildings and landmarks. His collaborative approach to design, working closely with other professionals involved in the project, has helped to establish Orionn Architects as a leader in the architectural industry.

Architect Neelima Rana Sharma is a landscape architect with her expertise in landscape architecture has enabled the firm to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions that meet the needs of their clients and the community. Her commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction has made her a trusted partner for government agencies and private clients alike.

Together, Sanjeev and Neelima have led the firm to take on many large-scale government projects, including the Noida International Golf Course, Vedvan Park, Skywalk connecting Sector 51 and Sector 52 Noida metro stations, and the entry gate of Noida Sector 14A. Their leadership and project management skills have enabled the firm to successfully navigate the complexities of these projects, delivering innovative and sustainable solutions that exceed their clients' expectations.

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